Free DIY Arts & Crafts Tutorial: Blind Contour Line Drawing of African Animals & Watercolor Painting Tips

If you have kids or are simply young at heart, here is a video that teaches you how to use a simple blind contour line drawing of an African animal and transform it into a vibrant watercolor painting using many transparent layers of paint.

This is also an engaging lesson plan and fun way for teachers to introduce color theory to students in elementary and middle school.

Step 1: Contour Line Drawing

Gazelle Blind Contour Line Drawing by Beth Hemmila
gazelle blind contour line drawing

Step 2: Use Multiple Layers of Watercolor Paint

Blind Contour LIne Drawing and Watercolor Painting of a Gazelle by Beth Hemmila
gazelle watercolor painting

An Example of a Finished Painting:

Blind Contour Line Drawing and Watercolor Painting of a Giraffe by Beth Hemmila
giraffe watercolor painting


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Forever Two Hearts Tied Together Sterling Silver Charm by Beth Hemmila of Hint Jewelry
Forever, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): two hearts tied together sterling silver charm

There are two sorts of romantics: those who love, 
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- Leslie Blanch

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Learning Humility


Ripped apart bit by bit.
Hungry, holy claws tore knowing into nothingness.

What’s left is bone –
empty of thought,
weightless, silent, open, untroubled.
Where acceptance feels like
wrung out sheets hanging on a clothesline, flappin’ in the breeze.

Surrender is an easy joy
like the fleeting life of a rainbow,
coming and going on the whims of sun and rain.


We all have things in our lives that break down ego to teach us patience, acceptance, and humility.

It's a wrestling match worth losing for then every misstep becomes a new seed of humility planted in your soul.

May you embrace all things this year that break down your illusions and shape you into a humble servant -- a holy handmaiden meant to serve for love alone.


Be Forgiveness & The Karma Puzzle

This video is a companion to my Free ebook Be Forgiveness. To learn forgiveness and letting go, download a free copy of Be Forgiveness by clicking here: http://bethhemmila.com/freedownloads/

In the New Year, I invite you to embark on a path of love, compassion, forgiveness, and letting go.


Happy Holidays!

Wishing you a blessed holiday season! 
Thank you for all the kindness and generosity 
you have shown me throughout the year!!

To learn how to make these Origami Christmas trees click here. These two were designed by my middle school art students.


Mind and Body Wellness: Separation & The Story

Nothing separates me from you but the story.

Nothing can separate us from loving or understanding another except the story we choose to tell ourselves in our heads. Separate yourself from the story. Put the story on pause, and you will always find the love.


Mind and Body Wellness: Use Your Talents

We are each given natural talents -- strengths that change and awaken us.

Sometimes people don't feel worthy of their gifts so they hide their talents away from the world. However, there is a reason you were fashioned as a human being with these particular talents, and they were meant to be shared.

Use your gifts. Remember there is a reason. You need to shine your light and help others do the same.

See that you are simply one ingredient in a vast universal recipe. You have been given special qualities or talents that soften you up and prepare you to be integrated more and more into the mix.


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Mind & Body Wellness: Preparing for Death

Mind and Body Wellness Preparing for Death by Beth Hemmila

Fall is when the whole of nature collaborates in the decaying process, preparing for its transition into winter and setting intentions for rebirth next spring. Here I've collected some my favorite quotes and tools for preparing for death -- a transition from one way of being to another. Sometimes what we experience is a metaphorical death in our lives that comes from growth or change, other times we lose someone we love or are preparing for our own death. Whatever your circumstance, life, death, and rebirth are a continual process, and in between each of these stages are transitions, places of preparation, that we can nurture and honor.

...death is very likely the single best invention of life. It is life's change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. 
- Steve Jobs

The art of living well and the art of dying well are one.
- Epicurus (Greek philosopher, 342?-270 BCE)

What do dying people teach us? They teach us how to live.
- Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, MD

4 Qualities of Living
  1. Meaning
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Relationships
  4. Hope

4 Tasks for Living and Dying
  1. Understanding and transforming suffering
  2. Making a connection, healing relationships, and letting go
  3. Preparing spiritually for death
  4. Finding meaning in life


Mind and Body Wellness: Embracing Transitions

MInd and Body Wellness Embracing Transitions by Beth Hemmila

I struggle with transitions. In fact, I often dread going on vacation and making that journey between home and my final destination. I don't enjoy the uncertainty, challenges that arise, and the awkwardness I feel being away from what I know best.

Nevertheless, I believe the moments in our lives that prove to be the most life-changing are transitions. These transitional periods require an inner strength that embraces our fragility and fear. It's these transitions, where we are slogging through our own personal psychology and meeting up with the uncomfortable parts of ourselves where we stretch, grow, and shine our light in new ways.

More importantly, transitions are when we call for help and are heard by strangers, friends, and something greater than ourselves. During transitions we let go of being an 'I' and remember we are always part of a 'We.'

Starting in September, I returned to teaching art in middle school. Some people ask why I want to teach art at the middle school level, and I'm never quite sure how to explain it. All I can figure out is that I feel called to be with this particular group of kids because they are experiencing one of the most fragile transitions life demands of us. Moving from childhood to young adult is beautiful and painful all at the same time, and I appreciate the opportunity to witness and support this bridge they are walking across.

From childhood up to our death, we will be making transitions: falling in and out of relationship, changing careers and identities, moving to a different home, losing loved ones and jobs, dealing with the aging process, and making peace with our death. In these poignant moments we can choose to embrace our vulnerability, reach out to those who can offer guidance, and develop skills to be present and help others when they are making these transitions too.