Around Again

Sun Valley Regional Park Reno Nevada by Beth Hemmila of Hint Jewelry

Around Again
By Beth Hemmila

Round the roundabout again.
I wait for your skin to slip.
The dial is set on effortless oblivion –
our spin cycle.

Fear is the cord pulling your curtains shut.
But I see through you,
so I am happily tripping around again.
I can wait.
Time to stardust is a whirling dervish dance – 

dizzy pleasure.

In between now and later,
I imagine dropping over waterfalls,
dangling off rock faces,
and flipping through the air.

I am intoxicated, remembering your scent
of stormy days,
bitter earth,
and forgotten trees.

I am hungry firelight,
a drunken siren
Waiting for you,
going around again.


Mind & Body Wellness: Happify, Brain Games & The Science of Happiness

Mind & Wellness Happify, Brain Games and The Science of Happiness by Beth Hemmila

Last year, I was invited to test out Happify, which appeared to be a new social networking application. However, Happify is more like going to the gym for your brain. Using the science of happiness, Happify has designed activities and games to practice being happy in your daily life by building your happy-muscle.

Mind & Wellness Happify, Brain Games and The Science of Happiness by Beth Hemmila
I'm not advocating joining a site like Happify as the solution to fixing your life or as a way to avoid therapy if you're seriously depressed, but it may be worth checking out the science of happiness to see what benefits exist.

Over two months time, during a particularly confusing period of my life, Happify exercises helped me refocus my goals, appreciate the simple stuff, and introduce new friends who are now a part of my permanent social networking community.


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Primavera Earrings

Primavera Earrings, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)

Spring in the high desert is a surprising place.

Primavera Earrings, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)

At first glance all you see are shades of browns and greys, but then when you bend down
 and take a closer look you'll see the most amazing unexpected colors hiding right out in the open.

Primavera Earrings, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry)

These Primavera earrings were inspired by a walk in the Great Basin landscape of 
Northern Nevada where I was treated to desert peach buds popping out and flowering wild onion.


All Used Up

All Used Up
by Beth Hemmila

The Beloved
tore open my shrink wrap,
discarded the packaging,
and used me.

An eternity marinating in patience,
Wishing, hoping for a time to be touched,
fitted, and ground into nothingness.

The waiting was delicious, happy agony,
But I secretly pray
that I never go back on the shelf.

Prepare to be used up. Clear the way and purify. Empty yourself out and untie knots. Keep freeing yourself and others from the past. You may be waiting a long time or it could come as an unsuspected surprise. But whatever you do, keep making yourself completely available for the moment when life is ready to use you all up.


Mind & Body Wellness: Simplicity & Money

Mind and Body Wellness Simplicity and Money by Beth Hemmila
To me it's an interesting exercise in happiness when I need to find ways to simplify my life financially. Some people choose to cut expenses while others have periods in their life where money is tight and their budget is limited. For some reason, no matter if I'm flush or not, I enjoy figuring out how to do without and live a more simplified life. Maybe there's a bit of the pioneer in me always mentally packing the essentials and seeing what life feels like when I go without.

Here are some ways I've learned to save money and live a more simplified life.

Save on Gas & Car Repairs
  • Walk
  • Bike
  • Carpool
  • Group weekly errands together in one trip
  • Ask if you can telecommute to work
  • Use the public transportation system

Save on the Food Bill
  • Eat more beans and rice
  • Don't purchase processed food or snacks
  • Don't buy alcohol or specialty drinks
  • Don't buy meat every week or buy in smaller portions
  • Don't buy dessert items
  • Focus on fruit and vegetables
  • Buy your staples in the bulk section: rice, salt, beans, nuts, etc.
  • Eliminate buying unnecessary paper products
  • Replace sponges with dishrags you can wash and reuse
  • Buy only the food you need for one week and stick to your budget

Conserve on Utilities
  • Wash your hair less and take shorter showers
  • Turn the heat or air conditioning down to the minimum (endure the elements)
  • Go without fans and learn to love your sweat
  • Use only the lights you need
  • Get rid of expensive cell phone plans or bundled telecommunication packages
  • Dump your cable TV

Cheap Sources of Entertainment
  • Hiking or walking
  • Biking
  • Take out books and DVDs from the library
  • Listen to music for free on Pandora or Youtube
  • Go to matinee movies
  • Familiarize yourself with the best local Happy Hour places in town
  • Put on potluck parties
  • Play board games with friends or family
  • Give up your gym membership and run outside instead
  • Feed the birds
  • Gaze at the stars
  • Camp instead of staying at a hotel
  • Make homemade gifts
  • Look for coupons on Dealchicken, Groupon, or Living Social

Questions to Ask Yourself
  • Do I need really need that?
  • What can I substitute? 
  • What can I go without?
  • What can I do with less of?
  • Can I cut this item in half and share it with someone else?
  • Can I reduce the number of times I purchase a favorite item?


The Dance

The Dance by Beth Hemmila

Dreaming The Dance
by Beth Hemmila

I want The Dance to go on.

Where my curves nestle in your crooks
and my skin hears your silent pulsing.

Grunts and beats drive us closer.

Your hand calls me, and I respond.
Palms clasp and press.
I look for a way inside you
but am met with impenetrable flesh.

Other dissolves,
Mind fades,
Sensing is our mistress.

My head finds home on your chest --
Your lips next to my ear like a fragile reminder.

A fortress of arms surround me,
And I surrender, tumbling back into a void,
where you catch me with "don't be afraid."

Our bodies are speaking words.
Motion is our music.
Spinning our laughter.

When we emerge into the bright light,
gone is the comfort of darkness and sound.
We find ourselves naked with the flip of a switch
and fall back into the slumber of flaws and fear.

Every ecstatic cell of my body screams
like a cat scratching to come in.
I want to go back.
I want to return to the dark that was Awake.

The Dance.


Mind & Body Wellness: The Science & Evolution of Empathy

This is a very interesting video about the evolution of empathy and how it is affecting our society. Based on a lecture given by author Jeremy Rifkin, the video explores how science is supporting the concept of empathy, and that humans are biologically wired to experience other people's feelings.

To learn how to cultivate more self-empathy and empathy for others, download my FREE ebook Lemonade Mantras by clicking here

Download my FREE Be Forgiveness ebook by clicking here and learn a process for generating empathy in challenging situations.

To view my video series for both Lemonade Mantras and Be Forgiveness click on the links below:
Lemonade Mantras Video Series
Be Forgiveness Video Series


How to Write Positive Affirmations Step 4: Change a Negative Thought to a Positive

How to Write Positive Affirmations Step 4 Change a Negative Thought to a Positive by Beth Hemmila of Lemonade Mantras

This is a four week series that explains how to write a positive affirmation in 4 steps. More information can be found in my book Lemonade Mantras, which you can download for FREE by clicking here.

To see all 4 Steps from the blog series click here.

Step 1: Make a Concrete Observation
Notice a Trigger Event (something happening in your life that stimulates feelings of anger or frustration) and then neutralize your evaluation into a Concrete Observation.

Step 2: Uncover a Need
Ask the question, "What did I Need?"

Step 3: Acknowledge Your Judgments
Write down your Judgments -- negative thoughts you have about the person or situation.

Step 4: Change a Negative Thought to a Positive.
Transform your Judgment into a positive thought.

How to Change a Negative Thought to a Positive

This final step seeks the internal message found deep within the structure of one of your Judgments. It uncovers the meaning behind the meaning of what you are saying. One way to attempt this process is to imagine you are running an experiment and dissect one of your Judgments into its most basic forms, letting your curiosity search for deeper connections.

  1. Select a Judgment from Step 3 that causes the most discomfort for you.
  2. Transform the meaning of this Judgment by restructuring the sentence. Use the following suggestions to change your Judgment:
  • Make the statement about you (flip it into a self-judgment)
  • Say the opposite
  • Remove "should" or "shouldn't"
  • Replace a verb/noun with its opposite
  • Switch the order
  • Shorten to its basic form
  • Change the meaning into a positive
  • Think of a new way to say the idea
  • Remove the personal

Look for a positive phrase that when said will soften or neutralize your negative thinking. It helps to let go of grammar rules and ways of thinking about writing and see the words like pieces of a collage that you freely move around and alter in whatever way appeals to you. If you find yourself struggling with new word combinations, try writing ideas with your non-dominant hand.

I like to use a thesaurus to look up synonyms, antonyms, and the etymology for words found in my judgments. Many times looking at alternative words helps refine the true meaning found beneath your judgment. For great online resources, check out thesaurus.com and etymonline.com.

To learn more about writing positive affirmations, click here to download my free ebook Lemonade Mantras and read chapter 7 and 10. Or check out my Youtube video on Lemonade Mantras chapter 7 and chapter 10.   


Happy Spring Equinox!

Happy Spring!

Today is the the Spring Equinox or Ostara, celebrating the arrival of new things. Here in Reno, Nevada the trees have started to blossom and I'm hearing more critters outside my window. Here are some ideas for celebrating the coming of spring:

  • Take on some spring cleaning or if that sounds like drudgery why not start planning your garden.
  • Do a little dance under the moon and stars tonight.
  • Buy some seeds for the bird feeder.
  • Try out a new recipe.
  • Take a walk outside and look for new shoots.
  • Listen to the birds for 10 minutes.
  • Clean yourself up: get a hair cut, sort through a closet, and donate your old clothes.

How are you going to celebrate the arrival of spring?