Santa Fe

I just returned from a trip to glorious Santa Fe. Fabulous! It was so beautiful there and had tons of art and eye candy to inspire my creative juices so that I could kick into high gear and develop some new pendant designs for summer. I spent most my time just enjoying the sun, quiet, and wonderful outdoor sculptures that littered gallery row. I was particularly taken with all the different handcrafted, carved doors that would surprise me as a turned down a lonely alley way. Here is a picture of one of the doors that I found attached to some abandoned restaurant. I love its weathered look and folksy patterns. This door definitely speaks to my interests in Moorish architecture, and I want to be able to find a way to incorporate these simple designs in my next batch of earrings. Alas, I wish could be back at sunny, altitude right now, because Portland is destined for a week of cloudy skies and rain. I definitely belong in the mountains and will hold these memories close until the next time I get the meet the sky.

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  1. I also love Santa Fe and it's curious mix of art, creativity, spirituality, and of course, tequila and mesquite! Hope I get there again soon!


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