Free Jewelry Making Tutorial: How to Make a Wire Jig for Ear Wires

handmade wire jig ear wires jewelry
Handmade Wire Jig for Ear Wires

Cloudy and cold in Portland today, so what better way to spend my time then finally putting together that wire jig I always wanted.  I was inspired to make a handmade jig by free some instructions provided by Etsy artisan Glitter Critter.

I love my new ear wire jig!!  I'm calling it my "Fab Five." It's got five different ear wire designs all on the same block and was so easy to make.  I hunted through our stash of extra hardware in the basement and came up with some great leftover material that I could reuse in my jig -- old copper tubing, wire brads, and a hunk of pine with a hole already drilled in it for conveniently hanging it on the wall as a storage alternative!  To put it together, I cut copper tubing to size, trimmed the nail heads, drilled some holes in the wood block, and then pounded everything into place with my trusty hammer.  I used already prefabricated ear wires as my guides for where to place the nails so I can make my favorite size every time.  I plan on taking the "Fab Five" for a test drive tomorrow and will definitely post the results.


  1. This is great! I'm inspired to try and make one for myself...it would help me a great deal.

  2. This is just what I have been looking for; you can't buy ear wire jigs in the UK it seems, and shipping was very expensive from the US - so I am getting my husband to make one for me just like yours minus the picture as he is not that great at drawing.

    Thanks again.

  3. Any chance of a diagram with measurements? This jig looks fantastic!

    1. Unfortunately, I don't have measurements or a diagram. Thank you!

  4. You have read my mind! You gorgeous fabulous sharing ANGEL! I need to make stainless steel wires for my work as too many people have allergies. I don't need measurements as simply taking a standard ear wire will tell me all I need to know. I do have one question though (probably staring me in the face derp) what is the large hole there for? And if you should ever get curious as to how much this will help me, you can find me on Facebook under This is Beautiful (look for the torso avatar) I WILL be giving you credit by sharing this page right now! Cheers doll!


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