Jen's Everyday Moments

I found another like minded artist on Etsy who traded in her career as a portrait photographer for envisioning simpler images of our world: signs, dandelions, clouds, flowers, and telephone poles. Her shop is called Jen's Everyday Moments and that's what these gorgeous photos impart -- special glimpses into the world outside of us, and the awe we feel in relationship to this beauty.  Her imagery captures the quiet stillness behind our feelings of these everyday moments and also tell a story about our memories.  I love how this photo called Bowing Out Gracefully conjures up both the feeling of celebration and loss all at the same time.  Beauty and nostalgia are a winning combination for me!  I look forward to seeing more of her work and learning about her creative process on her blog.

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  1. Thank you so much for the feature, you did a beautiful job :). You have such a way with words.



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