Sacred Pine Cone

Last summer I discovered Andy Goldsworthy, a fabulous artist who creates site-specific sculpture from nature.  I devoured his documentary Rivers and Tides at least a three times so I could absorb both the transitory moments he creates and to understand the intention behind his work.  I was particularly drawn to his oversized pine cone shaped sculptures, because conifers have always been an important part of my life. No matter where I live in this country, an impressive pine tree always stands guard outside my window.  I'm constantly entranced by the fresh smell of sap and their vibrant, green needles.  It is no wonder that many ancient cultures revered the pine cone as a symbol for new life, and that Andy Goldsworthy has continued this tradition in his land art. This summer I made my own version of the sacred, life-giving pine cone in the shape of a small silver token.

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  1. Yeah, he's a genius! His work is so inspiring to me, I hope he makes more movies. I especially love his colored leaf photos.


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