Gentle Knowing

Gentle Knowing, Necklace, fine and sterling silver, and pink tourmaline

I just finished the silver pendant and necklace designed for my mom. I was drawn to create the image of a deer, which for many ancient cultures has symbolized grace, beauty, gentle kindness, and gratitude in giving. While growing up in Michigan, one can't help but be affected by the powerful presence of deer and our interconnection with their woodland environment. There is something calming and assuring when you sit close to deer and quietly watch them graze. My mother's spirit completely embodies a deer's abiding devotion, patience, nurturing, and love for her family and community.

Gentle Knowing, Detail Clasp

I adorned the back of her necklace with a tiny Rabbit Run charm, which reminds me of The Country Bunny -- a favorite children's book that she use to read to us kids. Definitely a story that honors every super mom out there!! Come to find out, my mother was given that book over 40 years ago and the illustrator Marjorie Flack is one of her favorites. My mom still has that book today and is continuing to share The Country Bunny's story and illustrations with her grandchildren.

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