Hand Crafted by Lorelei

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting and trading with Lorelei a wonderful Etsy artist who designs one of a kind jewelry. I was all giddy that she would be willing to trade this gorgeous necklace pictured above for a couple of my charms and a pair of earrings. What a cool world! I received the necklace last week and have been giving it face time in the universe ever since. 

I celebrate Lorelei's style because her jewelry incorporates beads and findings from other handmade artists, imbuing her work with a sense of love for her community and craft. The necklace that is now feeling at home in my jewelry drawer has elements created by Round Rabbit, Lynn Davis at ExpeditionD, and Kathy Domokos of AD Adornments. It's like owning a gallery of your favorite artists! Check out her blog that showcases her studio, thoughtful life, and a a giveaway each month. This month Lorelei is giving away a fiery bracelet based on the theme Random Thoughts. (What fun!) Have any random thoughts to expound to the universe?


  1. Hi Beth!
    Nice post, thanks for the shout out! :)
    I didn't receive my goodies yet. I'm hoping and wishing they'll come today.
    I'll let you know!!

  2. oh, watch out Lorelei! your going to LOVE LOVE LOVE the charms and may not want to part with them =)
    they are beyond precious!

  3. thanks heather!! Now if only we could get the postal service to deliver them :((

  4. Beth, thanks for the mention on my chain, I just love what Lorelei does with those links, it's always exciting to see what they become part of - hope you enjoy wearing!

  5. Lynn, I really love wearing this necklace and your chain gives it that extra weight that feels so good!


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