Kyra's Lotus

silver lotus blossom charm yoga inspired jewelry
Kyra's Lotus, Beth Hemmila, Hint Jewelr

Here is one of my latest lotus charm designs. I crafted this little gem in honor of my friend Kyra and her spiritual journey of self discovery. A month ago she made a decision to follow her dream and attend the Western Culinary Institute to become a pastry chef extraordinaire! I am thrilled to be able to gift her a talisman necklace with this lotus. I can't wait to enjoy all her scrumptious creations. May you prosper, Kyra!


  1. Hi Beth. I came across your site through the Art Bead Scene Blog.

    Your work is truly beautiful and inspirational. I love where you're ideas come from & enjoy reading about each piece that you made. Keep them coming!

  2. i LOVE my lotus necklace and wear it all the time! Thank you Beth! You rock completely!


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