My husband and I just tried out the new Peruvian restaurant down the street called Nasca. YUM! Thank goodness he has travelled in South America and could point the way to some of the best delicacies on the menu. My favorite items were their yucca balls filled with a gooey cheese and the citrus tuna salad served in an avocado. Afterwards my husband pulled out some of the treasures he brought home from South America, and I got to secretly stash them in my beading bin. I love the hand painted details on the ceramic beads and the intricate chainmail featured in the necklace.

Our food outing also led to some lively discussion about the Nazca lines in Peru, their complex construction and how closely these images relate to a particular species of spider or monkey. Wow an amazing earthworks sculpture right in our backyard. I can't wait to check it out on my next trip to Peru...when are we leaving again? :)

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