Oshun Dreaming

Oshun Dreaming, fine and sterling silver, amber and African turquoise

The Urban Berber's belly dance troupe also asked me to collaborate on a custom pendant and necklace for their director, teacher and muse Michele Gila. The inspiration for this pendant was based on Oshun, the West African goddess of love and beauty, who has been celebrated for centuries as a river deity. Oshun Dreaming encapsulates the essence of the goddess's watery nature -- her ability to be both fluid and sensual as well as turbulent and awe-inspiring. Michele as well as Oshun has a bold, selfless heart and uses her creative force to generate healing and peace through dance.

In this pendant, Oshun manifested as a fish-tailed, tribal goddess, bursting forth with creative potential. Through this symbol we hope Michele may experience harmony as love, beauty, and sensuality. Oshun is captured as fluid as a passing moment, gazing through her looking glass, anticipating, imagining and dreaming her next dance of transformation.

Oshun is suspended on humble sterling chain and adorned with amber and African turquoise. Inscribed on the back of the pendant is the bold image of a belly dancer, symbolizing the Urban Berbers and their gratitude for Michele's dance of life and renewal. Peace to you, Michele!


  1. Wow! Some beautiful penetrating energy in that piece. You did a remarkable job! Thanks for sharing a little about Oshun.. I heard the name and thought African.. lovely. Peace!

  2. I LOVE this! Beautifully done! I need one.

  3. Thanks gals! It was fun learning about Oshun. I wasn't familiar with all her imagery so it was a great project. I wish I could make more too, but it was a one of a kind. I'll have to dream up another mermaid for you fishy ladies :)


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