Urban Berber Project

Urban Berbers Dance Troupe, Imbibe Performance, August 2008

At the end of August, Gypsy Caravan, an incredible tribal belly dance studio in Portland, is closing it's doors. My friends dancing in the troupe, the Urban Berbers, asked me to design a custom pendant honoring their tribal experience. I feel extremely blessed to have been asked to celebrate their contribution of dance within our community and their creative spirits. When I moved to Portland four years ago, this lovely group of women gave me a place to call home when I didn't quite feel at home. Being able to dance with them in class and learn new ways of communicating, helped me redirect my creative flow, honor my femininity, and learn to appreciate improvisation -- those happy accidents!

Urban Berbers 2008, fine silver


  1. I love this!
    Wow, so beautiful. I really like the placement off to the side, I'm sure they are going to LOVE it.


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