Epona, Beth Hemmila, 2008, fine & sterling silver, citrine, garnet, iolite, and amber

Inspired by a large citrine bead that I had tucked away in my drawer, I designed this necklace featuring some of my favorite gemstones and a Wind Horse charm. Citrine has been known to generate prosperity, and after both my husband and I held this stone, I can attest to the powerful magic emanating from this necklace. 

Iolites (vision and curiosity), garnets (purity, truth, love and compassion), and amber (wisdom and healing) also adorn this deliciously colorful necklace. Wow, no wonder I feel light headed when it dangles about my neck. This alchemical cocktail comes with a disclaimer to all who choose to wear it -- handle juju care :)

Near the clasp I attached a tiny, silver charm to honor the Celtic horse goddess Epona. If you wear your hair short or up in a pony tail, Wind Horse will glitter on the back of your neck, a small hint of your free and fertile spirit.


  1. I am very much drawn to this highly spirited, yet gentle, necklace. I adore the gemstones you have chosen and can feel the energy even through the photographs. It is a truly special piece of jewellery.

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you can feel the energy too :)

  3. I love your charms overall, but this one is a special favorite. Horses have such nobility, motion and history, all symbols of courage and strength!


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