Girls & Tools

Last week, Lorelei, a fellow jewelry designer, asked if I would recreate my wire jig that was posted in my blog a couple months ago (Glitter Critter's tutorial was the inspiration for my project). What a great opportunity to refine my design and supply someone with a tool for as an educator I get immense pleasure feeling as if I'm the toolkit that allows people access to their storehouse of knowledge hidden within.

In addition, I'm chuckling over my wire jig because instead of pulling out my jeweler's saw, saying a small prayer over my blade to prevent breakage, and chanting Om as I become one with my tool, I used good old fashion handy-gal sense and pulled out the pipe cutter to slice the copper tubing. What fun spinning the pipe cutter around a shiny tube and then enjoying a gratifying little pop when its head comes off. It's satisfying finding alternative materials and tools for projects that previously seemed to only have one recipe. During grad school, you could find me haunting the aisles of the hardware store looking for interesting materials and tools to incorporate into my artwork. Some of my favorites were silicon caulking and wood putty for making quick molds and cast sculptures.

It's no wonder that I'm the type of girl that receives a dremel for Christmas or a rotary sander for Valentines Day. Sometimes I wonder what my husband fell in love with first, me or my ever expanding collection of tools :)


  1. It works like a charm! Blogging now..........

  2. lol Your tools or you hey? That's funny.. I don't have many tools right now but I used to take shop class instead of the other in high school. :)


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