Online Ring Sizer

Ginkgo Leaf Ring, Elizabeth Scott

Sometimes I'm a bit of a shlump. I admit it...I never buy rings. I know, I know this sounds kind of silly, but it just never occurs to me wear a lot of rings on my over functioning fingers. I suppose I'm secretly in love with the plain elegance of one gleaming band instead of 5 or 6. Then I can also gaze at the gorgeous personality of each wrinkly knuckle without adornment.

Well, the other day I was moved to purchase a ring, but I felt stumped because I didn't know my ring size for each finger. Behold, I found this free ring sizer online that helped me sort it out. Click on this link if you want to map the sizes of your fingers. Oooo, maybe you can pass them along to your honey as incentive for future love tokens :)


  1. I'm with you on the ring thing. I wear a solid band most days anything else often fels like it's in the way. I'd wear that leaf ring though, it's so so pretty. :)

  2. I know...I keep waiting for my PayPal account to be more flush and then I think I might buy this ring. I love the photo too!


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