Synergy & Design

you are my joy (job's tears and silver charm)

safe inside the heart (faceted czech glass, silver charm)

I woke up filled with an enormous amount of creative energy. However, what's more exciting is that I received messages this morning that other people's creative juices are flourishing too! My inbox gifted me two wonderful messages from gorgeous women who have incorporated Hint Jewelry's charms into their artistic vision. Pictured above are new designs from Heather Wynn, who is one of the most gentle, loving spirits I have met through cyber space. I adore how she used HINT's pictorial images and matched them with beautiful quotes: "safe inside my heart" and "you are my joy." She is my new wordsmith!! You're hired, Heather, and thank you from the deepest recesses of my heart for acknowledging my creativity on your blog. I am completely honored to be a part of this collaboration. Truly this is a moment of synergy where the sum has become greater then the parts :)


  1. Hey look at that! Job's Tears! I just bought some of these cool beads online last week! Funny how some minds think alike!
    I love these necklaces and naturally, want one for myself.
    Oh Heeeeaather...... ;)

  2. I like those Job's tears too! I'm going to have to hold myself back from purchasing more beads, since I just went on a gem spending spree last weekend:(

  3. my heart is so very happy ;)
    I wish that we could all meet in some cozy mountain retreat for a week of girly creative fun......

  4. Soooo pretty! I love them and am running over to visit your friends blog also now. :)

  5. These necklace are so cute! Wow, those Job's tears get around! I work and teach at my local bead shop and we just got some in recently! I like the sound of the get together! You could all come here to my bead shop and we could sit and make jewelry!

  6. What fun! Thanks for inviting me over to play, Erin :)


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