I Hear Autumn Singing!

Catherine's necklace Autumn Aria: Carnelian, "Indian red" 
Swarovski crystals, fine and sterling silver

Catherine, a kindred spirit on Etsy, recently designed a fall necklace inspired by one of my Zen Leaf charms. I have a deep love for carnelian, and autumn is my absolute favorite season. My husband has the flame throwing talents, but I must have some kind of fire hidden inside, because I can't wait for the trees to go ablaze in red-orange. It's like having a living campfire outside your door!! Catherine captured this type memory best in one of her emails:

"Even though the leaf on the pendant is not a maple leaf, it immediately took me back to when we were living in Northern Virginia in a forest. At the end of the road, leading to our farm stood a glorious maple tree that always started turning colors before the other trees even began to think about it and held onto its leaves longer than most. A whole spectrum of colors was contained in that one tree, from a deep purple to blazing yellow. But my favorite leaves were the fiery carnelian colors that these stones pretty much represent. I miss that tree!"


  1. This is so nice. I love fall as well, its so gorgeous here in the mountains of Asheville! I think the fall is longer here than anywhere else I've lived.

  2. Beautiful pendant - beautiful necklace!


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