Love Touch?

England, Henry VIII (1509-1547). AV Angel (5.15 gm). London. First coinage, 1509-1526

Do you have a daily love affair with your sense of touch? Do you find yourself petting your feline friends a little more then they would like? I'm guessing you are a tactile junkie at heart.

Sometimes it seems that touch is one of the most undervalued senses, and I'm guessing it ranks dead last behind smell for most people. Even trying to describe the texture of objects is challenging because we just don't seem to build touch-related adjectives into our vocabulary. How do you get to the nitty, gritty details of describing what it's like to touch a flaky, buttery, hot biscuit? Ahhh...give me a minute or maybe two...I'm thinking...(honestly, I'm just lost).

The other day I found an article about touch pieces. Oooo, I'm intrigued. Something made exclusively for my personal tactile beasty. I was enthralled that back in the 15th century, Brits started minting gold Angel coins as talismans imbued with a king's divine, healing, monarchy-ish energy. The real power of these tokens was that a person needed to touch the coin for the healing to be transferred. Imagine your little fingers exploring the steep ridges and undulating surfaces of a small coin. Next time you're at the grocery store, instead of whipping out your ATM card, consider pulling out a long lost dime or nickel, and let your fingers have a luxurious micro-massage in the midst of your smooth, computerized day.

Sufi Flutter, Beth Hemmila, fine silver charm

Though I'm no monarch, and sometimes I feel like the only realm I have dominion over is scrubbing the bathroom sink, I feel certain that beneath my urge to be a sculptor, creating sensual surfaces, is a desire to transfer the love that I feel for the tactile world into an object that will inevitably be touched by another.


  1. I love the tactile world too. I'm intrigued with the way things feel.

    Hey, thanks for tagging me!!! I left you a comment below. Take care, Deb

  2. oh, Ive never been able to contain myself when perusing museums. I have to touch the art :-)
    shame on me.
    LOVE the new charm!!!

  3. You are so right. The sense of touch is so powerful. I've found that that's one of the reasons I like lariats as there is a long bit that hangs down that I can touch and hold. I know I gave one to my sister and mother and they hold it all the time, feeling closer to me even though we are thousands of miles away.

    I'll be interested to see how your tactile sense comes more and more into your work.

  4. Debbie, can't wait to see what kooky things you come up with!

    heather, I totally understand your desire to touch art at a museum :) I use to secretly take my curatorial gloves off and caress the scrumptious Greek bronze sculpture, bad kitty!

    Ruth, what a lovely sentiment with the lariats. I never thought about length in this way. Thank you for inspiring me!

  5. Hi Beth!

    I love that you have a post about the importance/your love of touch. I too am a touch junkie, and the massage therapist in me sees so many people starved for tactile contact!

    Your comment about the mini-massage inspired me to share my very favorite yummy mini-massage moment: Spend some time being nice to your ears! Take out your earrings and rub those lobes for a minute. Poor little things never get any love--they really calm you down!

  6. Oh... you've been busy.
    Touch touch.
    i want a massage. That sounds so wonderful right now doesn't it??

  7. GASP!!
    o m g
    Beth!! Working in museum, you should know that fingerprints on BRONZE no less, is a big ol' NO NO!

  8. Elise, thank you from the bottom of my ears. I love when my hairdresser massages my little lobes. I'm off to do a mini massage right now!

    TaMs*, been missing your blog I'll have to check out what you've been up to. Good to hear from you!

    Lorelei, I love being naughty! Oh, and the naughty and nice season is just around the corner :)


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