Swan Lake

Mute Swan Earrings, Beth Hemmila, fine and sterling silver

This month I had request from a kindred spirit on Etsy to create some earrings out of my Mute Swan charms. They are so yummy, I'm left wondering why I'm not treating myself to my own pair! 

This past week I've been rushing around trying to finish my charm designs for Christmas, and I wanted so much to do another swan motif, but alas she didn't make the cut. My next swan deserves some more dreaming and perhaps a little Swan Lake for inspiration :)

Ahhhhh to be a swan...I'm putting this lovely creature at the top of my reincarnation list!


  1. What a great design and they look great as earrings.

  2. These are beautiful! Very graceful and peaceful. :)

  3. so pretty! I particularly love black swans!

  4. Oh so beautiful! Do you know that Swans offer us a deeper connection to our ancestors as well? :) Peace!

  5. Ladies, thanks so much for loving up these swans! Cynthia, I'm totally drawn to the image of a black swan tor. Maybe because we don't see it very often in imagery.

    RainbowMom, thanks for sharing this insight about swans connecting to our ancestors. I didn't know about this and definitely will be researching this more :) Love your wisdom about animals!


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