Dreamy: Rebecca Shapiro

Full Moon Dreaming Girl Goat, Rebecca Shapiro, encaustic

Rebecca Shapiro, a local Portland artist and entrepreneur (in her words an artpreneur!), recently opened her shop on Etsy, which features unique paintings, prints, illustrations, encaustics, and fun stuffed things. What I love most about Rebecca is her knack for creating humorous moments out of something as simple as a girl, a goat, and the notion of dreaming about the next best thing!

Rebecca's art is deeply informed by the locale of the Northwest and her reverence for nature. Using eco-friendly materials such as watercolors and beeswax, she incorporates Green consciousness into every one of her creative impulses.

To find out more about Rebecca's quirky sense of humor and deep commitment to keeping our planet Green, visit her Web site or Gallery Verno -- an innovative online gallery dedicated to exploring sustainable art.

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  1. Oh! I would love to have this print hanging in my home! For some reason, the more of nature that's indoors, the more at home I feel.


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