Holiday Greetings: Red Aphrodite

Green Bike, Red Aphrodite, Greeting Card

Laura Bolster of Red Aphrodite embodies everything I love most about Portland, Oregon: an interest in sustainability, a spirit of giving, and a can-do attitude! I can't imagine any other place where you would actually see Santa Claus riding a green bike delivering gifts then here in the Northwest. Consider going green this holiday season and buy cards that are 100% recycled post-consumer paper (yeah, all the stuff that actually makes it to your recycling bin). You can find her whimsical creations on Etsy.

i love u, Red Aphrodite, greeting card

Here's another one of my favorite cards. An adorable little bird that's festooned with her own musical notes.  Just like the little finches outside my window, flitting and tweeting!

Golden Goddess, Laura Bolster, collage

Laura and I also share an passion for creating collage, and last week she sent me this gorgeous image of a golden goddess. It feels like the female embodiment of a carnelian stone, and I'm intrigued by the butterflies. My inclination is to see it as a story of language, vision and transformation. Anyone else want to share their interpretation?

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  1. ah.. those cards are great. I need to figure out what cards I'm going to be sending out this season. Have to find just the right one. :)


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