Out of Africa at Modern Bird

Gabriella, Laura Flavin @ Modern Bird: sterling silver

Over the last three months I have been participating in a Compassionate Communication workshop. If you drink the NVC Kool Aid, then you already know about giraffe and jackal language (more on this subject in a later post, so stay tuned). Well, I've never been too terribly interested in giraffes, I mean they're beautiful and everything, but I tend to be drawn to carnivores. All of a sudden I'm seeking out my inner giraffe, and I just know there is a new pendant design waiting to emerge.

Why even come up with a new design when I find that my Etsy friend Modern Bird has the most adorable giraffe necklace for sale called Gabriella? Laura uses age old metalsmithing techniques to create hand-sawned and textured designs. Moreover, she is fond of some of my favorite artists: Klee, Calder, and Miro. Her wonderful sense of shape and simplicity reflects the same kind of filtering these artists pursued.

Her work is handmade, stylish and well priced for the holiday season!


  1. ohh.. what a lovely giraffe!
    So simple and clean. love it. I'm going to bounce over to her shop and check it out!

  2. Gosh, I know! I keep thinking about this little giraffe. Really captures Laura's spirit :)

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