Winter Wonderland

I just finished my holiday charm collection. What fun, thinking of clever ways to express feelings of winter in a tiny piece of metal. There is something so innocent and magical when you wake up and it's snowing outside. Lost & Found captures that feeling of bounding over snowdrifts and tackling the one you love in some white, soft fluffiness.

Do you see any favorites?

I'd like to think that birds are visible angels...geez they already meet the prerequisite since they have wings! This is my little night angel that keeps company with the winter moonlight.

Silent Night

Inspired by the resonance of snowflakes and the sound of Om. Truly an East meets West winter perspective!

Bee + Honey = Angel
What more can I say?

Inspired by all the lovely Nordic ski sweaters that I still have yet to knit :)


  1. Night Angela and Silent Night are my favorites!

  2. those are gorgeous! they'd make lovely charms on my bracelet! *rattles piggy bank*

  3. Thanks Rebecca and Half an Acre for checking out my winter designs!


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