Om & Snow

Peace on Earth, Beth Hemmila: spectrolite, fine and sterling silver

This morning, Portland received the most wonderful gift -- SNOW!! Immense gratitude is bursting from my little heart. To be graced with soft, white, fluffy flakes swirling outside my window when I wake up from a dream is truly amazing. I am most alive when it snows for the magic of the universe is completely revealed in a cascade of sparkling white frosting. Tiny snowflakes falling, drifting in a symphony of movement is pure visual poetry that alludes to the real particles which seem invisible yet surround us all the time. Each drop of crystallized water is like the most fantastical ice sculpture ever created, and to see universal particles clothed in shimmering white induces complete wonderment.

The Om Snowflake pendant designed for Peace on Earth was inspired by this enchantment with snow. If the universe is created by sub-atomic particles dancing on waves like pollen floating on the wind, and the sound of a voice is the manifestation of a wave, then out there is a snowflake that has vibrated into Om -- the divine tone within every word and everything.


  1. Your work is SO beautiful... and thanks so much for leaving us comments on kissthepaper.com... we really appreciate it!
    xo, Kate + Molly

  2. Thanks for checking out my jewelry, Kate and Molly! Visiting Kiss the Paper is like a mini coffee break for me :)


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