Peacock Memories

Krishna Peacock, Beth Hemmila: fine silver

While creating this peacock charm, I was dreaming about the colors of India, which are scattered throughout their textiles and ancient miniature paintings. The iridescence of a peacock's feathers seemed to be the perfect symbol for this kind of beauty. Recently this little bird transported me back to a different type of memory: summer camp!

Last week one of my lovely customers purchased three Krishna Peacocks to celebrate the stories of her summer camp experience with two of her closest friends. She writes:

"My two best friends and I have worked at a summer camp for the past five years and have always been there for each other through everything.  We refer to ourselves as the Pontiac Peacocks (the name of the cabin we shared four months of the year).  I've been looking for a Christmas gift for us to share that would be a reminder of all the smiles and love we have for each other."

Monsoon Season, Beth Hemmila: freshwater pearls, fine and sterling silver

What a wonderful gift that she shared this story with me about the Pontiac Peacocks and her connection with friends. I was instantly transported to my memories of being both a camper and then later a camp counselor. Every day was an adventure in the wonder of being: singing, hiking, playing cards, swimming, and watching the rain. Shouldn't every day be like summer camp? A big, hearty thank you to my lovely customer, who brought deeper meaning to this peacock and the value of playing with friends.


  1. How very touching!

    I never went to summer camp and I was never a girl scout or brownie either. When I asked my Mom about being a brownie, she said in her Italian accent "I don't think it's a very good idea."


    It sure does make me laugh.

    I'm really glad that I have a good sense of humor. ;)

  2. Debbie, now I've got your Italian mom pictured in my head saying being all super serious. I'm glad you're so funny and shared such an innocent moment. I didn't get much summer camp until I was in my late thirties and got to be a kid all over again as a counselor. Now you've got me thinking I should do brownies too!


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