Beginner's Mind @ 40

Today I turned 40 and am enjoying a sacred formula:

4 + 0 = 4

How amazing that I am actually turning both 40 and 4 all at the same time! Over the weekend I had an opportunity to be out in nature rethinking what it is to age and how every day is an opportunity to return to this idea of "Beginner's Mind" -- everything is fresh and can be seen in a new light. To reach the pureness of 4 -- a number that signifies sacred wholeness -- on January 22nd (2+2=4) is truly one of my favorite life moments to savor.

I hope you enjoy the pure beauty in these photos as I saw the Oregon woods with a Beginner's Mind!


  1. Many Happy Returns of the Day Miss Beth! It only gets better from here. Except the eyes. The eyes may begin to require a little... um... assistance. :- )

  2. Happy Birthday to you! Love these woodland photos, so beautiful. Yes, 4 is a number that signifies wholeness. The four directions, the four elements and the four seasons, come to mind. I'm glad you are enjoying this pivotal moment in your life. It's fun to look at things with a child-like wonder! It brings the magic to life! Enjoy and take care of yourself!

  3. Thanks Erin for your well wishes and bringing resonance to the number 4!

    Lora, I totally connect with the eye-thing. I keep thinking they will magically return to clear sight but alas it's just a downward spiral :)

  4. Beautiful pics Beth! Happy birthday, and welcome to the 40's!!! (my 41st was Jan 12) :)

  5. 40 is actually a pretty good age to be. Old enough to know who you are and young enough to still be able to do lots of active and creative things. Two things I don't want to take for granted at the ripe old age of 42! Happy Birthday! Enjoy being 40!

  6. Thanks for the birthday well wishes, Cindy and Barbe! It's good to know I'm hanging out with a fine crew of 40-somethings:)


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