Cassandra, Beth Hemmila: aquamarine, fine and sterling silver

One of my favorite women from Greek myth is the mysterious Cassandra. She was able to see into the future and predict outcomes, but alas her prophecies were never believed. To be a woman with so much insight yet to live with the helplessness of never being heard is something I'm sure a lot of people feel at times.

In this necklace, Cassandra is as ephemeral and free as a horse, surrendering to an inner stillness and relinquishing her desire for action. She wanders mountain landscapes, finding respite in azure waters and gentle winds.

A lark shimmers
against a transparent sky.
Wind rustles a mountain lake.


  1. Your posting reminded me of one of my favorite Al Stewart songs, "Helen and Cassandra". The two lines: "And the truth is lost in the ancient dust; Yet the memory forever persists" used to play over and over in my mind. Haven't thought of that song in years. Your work is always absolutely beautiful.

  2. I love that description of Cassandra. A woman who sees the future but noone believes her. It's like the ultimate cruelty. I have always felt that getting older means you do get wiser..but rarely does anyone pay attention to the life lessons you hope to share. Have a good night.

  3. Thanks ladies for connecting with the story of Cassandra!

    Catherine, love metaphor mixing truth and dust :)

    Anji, I totally understand this feeling of learning and wanting to pass on knowledge but really having to stand back and watch instead. It's a real witnessing experience!

  4. do you hand crave your pieces, or are they from a stamp...they are very lovely


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