Red Velvet Cupcake

Next week I'm turning 40 and will be celebrating with some red velvet cupcakes. I curated this Red Velvet Cupcake Treasury to put me in the mood for baking up some of these scrumptious treats.

One of my favorite finds is the painting of the dark haired girl by Christina's Treasures. Her simplicity and stillness remind me of some of my favorite Renaissance painters.


  1. your curator is coming alive on line- love it birthday mama. 40 will be a wonderful year- just know it.

  2. Haha! I like my title for the week "birthday mama"

    Could I squeeze "sizzling" into there somewhere too? Thanks for enjoying my exhibitions. To be able to curator weekly is like candy.

  3. 40, Red velvet cupcakes,OMG sounds delicious and beautiful. It's wonderful!!! You are so wonderful! I really dig the jewelry designs they are just yummy! You are too Talented. I wish you a very happy birthday. 40 is great and you look great so there is a lot to celebrate!!! Have a Wonderful Birthday my friend!

  4. Mmmm, red velvet cake....

    My birthday is next week, too - the 21st. So many creative people have b-days in January! :)

  5. Absolutely LOVE the treasury, stunning. Happy birthday! I turned 40 not to long ago - it's very liberating. It was also a lot easier to swallow than 30 lol.

  6. Turning 40 was awesome - one of my favorite years. Hope yours is as happy as mine was (or more if you can stand it!!!). HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  7. I swear I saw this treasury on the front page yesterday! It is gorgeous! What really caught my eye also the dark-haired beauty by Christina.

    I have never tried a red velvet cupcake before. It sounds absolutely decadent!

    I'm looking forward to my forties. I'll be there next year :)

  8. Thank you to all for such lovely birthday wishes. I went away for the weekend on a retreat and when I returned here are all your notes full of smiles. What a joy to meet you all out here in cyber space.

    Happy birthday to you Round Rabbit!


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