Te Amo

Secret Love, Beth Hemmila: fine silver

Upon waking, a little blurry eyed, I realized a little cup of "te amo" might perk me right up. Oh how wonderful to savor the simple deliciousness of your sweetheart saying the words "I love you" in Spanish.

Here are a few of my favorite charms that delight in spreading the language of love. I hope you enjoy every sip!

Flutter, Beth Hemmila: fine silver

Flaming Heart Milagro, Beth Hemmila: fine silver

Home Sweet Home, Beth Hemmila: fine silver


  1. I love that you added the house in this post. Houses are a symbol for our marriage and we collect them in my different forms. Jess includes the house in is art work often and I know when he does he is thinking of our family and home. so sweet.

  2. Thanks Heather! I feel the same way about the symbol of a little house -- a human nest. That's so sweet that you understand the Jess's secret vocabulary.


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