Be Mine Shopping Picks

I've had a bit of a shopping spree over the past week and thought you might enjoy some picks that made it into my Treasuries. Just snagged yesterday is Cherry Blossom Pink Cream Cake. You wonder what was going through my mind while creating this title...well, gosh it's just darn fun to smash all my favorite words together in one phrase!

If you love gems, be sure to check out Jennifer Love Beads for some fabulous sparkles. I couldn't take my eyes off her pink tourmalines. Yummmmy!

Love letterpress, and you still need to find a Valentines Day card for your honey? Visit Paper Dragonfly to purchase stationary that is simply endearing.

Lemon Verbena Spring

A week ago, this sunny Treasury Lemon Verbena Spring made its debut and featured innovative designers like Kale Primitifs who has been experimenting with Bronz Clay as a medium for jewelry. I'm also fond of the clothing shop Ureshii located in the spectacular Vancouver area -- modern, simple, and elegant designs.

Home Sweet Home

Lastly, I found this Treasury today curated by Kooky Handbags. A collection of tiny houses found on Etsy, which featured my Home Sweet Home charm. How cute is that Little Cobblestone House Necklace by J Davis Studio? A big thank you to Kooky Handbags for adding my home to your funky collection!


  1. Very sweet and pretty treasuries! U got a good eye for great pieces!:)

  2. Thanks for checking out these treasuries lyptis!


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