Little Bean

Last summer my friend Jana asked me to sculpt a little bean out of metal clay for her cyber friend the Gluten Free Girl who gave birth to a wonderful daughter named Lucy (aka Little Bean).

Jana created a necklace for Shauna to celebrate the arrival of Little Bean
, and here is her lovely response:

"I wore that necklace for the first couple of months of Lucy's being here. It's now hanging on the handle of her changing table, where I see it every time I change her.

Welcome to our wonderfully amazing breathing world, Lucy!

P.S. Be sure to check out the Gluten Free Girl's blog for amazing recipes or if you are food tourist, then delicious photos!


  1. This little bean is adorable! i love it.

  2. Oh yes, doesn't everyone just need some kind of little bean, TaMs*

    I had to make some bean soup last night just to satisfy the craving for this shape!

  3. I'm a big fan of the gluten free girl and her book. I read a lot of her blog when we was expecting little bean. How sweet to have a pendant of it!

  4. How wonderful to find another gluten free gal!


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