Night Angel: Comfort & Solace

Night Angel, Beth Hemmila: fine silver

A couple weeks ago I met a lovely friend on Etsy who purchased one of my last little owls called Night Angel. I've never been very drawn to creating images of humans, and spent many frustrated hours in life drawing class, yearning to be doing abstract sculpture instead. When I wanted to create an angel charm for Christmas, I was struck by the idea that birds are like angels. I mean they do have wings. That seems to be enough for me to qualify them for the job.

My new pal kindly shared with me that she hopes this little bird would give comfort to a friend who's mother had recently passed away and had been finding connection with an owl that was appearing nightly in her backyard. Creatures are such powerful messengers. They give us the gift of finding comfort in their presence and perhaps the opportunity to affirm that love ones who have been lost are still in our hearts.

Thank you to all the wonderful nocturnal creatures that watch over us as we slumber in the comfort of their presence!


  1. What a beautiful little owl! So sweet and an angel!

  2. Thanks for loving up my angel, Rebecca! Hope you are well with your little angels :)


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