Sushi & Simplicity

Wilbur's Sushi Roll: prosciutto, carrots, asparagus, and green onion

For Valentines Day, my honey and I created some scrumptious sushi from scratch. What I love most about the ritual of sushi night is the meditative experience: consciously spreading the rice evenly across the Nori; taking a moment to choose just the right ingredients; carefully rolling all components together; and then finally slicing the roll into perfectly round sections to reveal...Surprise! A wonderful collage of color and flavor packed in one simple bite.

Stillness, Beth Hemmila: fine silver

The simplicity of the sushi moment reminded me of the stillness and spaciousness I feel during meditation. Contained in a small moment of making sushi I felt my conscious intent of keeping my heart light and my mind simple.

These moments of spaciousness happen all day long, and if we don't seize them, often their beauty goes unnoticed. Like when you catch yourself watching the sunset through your window or your child asleep cuddled up with a favorite snuggly. What about feeling those flashes of stillness during yoga, playing music, making art, cooking dinner, or within the simple act of taking a breath after sending off an email.

The more I am able to see that stillness is accessible at any moment I chose to find it, the more faith I have in the power of a mind and heart based in simplicity.

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