Zen Leaf: Impermanence & Transformation

silver zen leaf charm yoga inspired jewelryZen Leaf, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver falling leaf charm

Leaves breathe, absorb light, and exist with the sole purpose to nourish the earth. Their innocence and willingness to shelter and nurture life embodies the essence of a compassionate existence. Offering cool shade and a symphony of rustling sounds, leaves are perhaps an example of conscious awareness, living simply to be moved by the wind so as to delight us with their grace and beauty. In autumn, they burst into dramatic explosions of color, capturing our imaginations so that for a brief moment we forget inevitable decay is close at hand. A falling leaf is a reminder of our impermanence. Leaves grow, nourish life, gradually decay, and then float quietly down to earth. Their life may be short, but its glorious, transformative, and honorable existence is a reminder to continually celebrate life and all its seasons.

Wear Zen Leaf and bring awareness to purpose, balance, and transformation.

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