Bee Beso: Joyful Contribution

silver honey bee charm hint jewelryBee Beso, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver bee charm

When colorful wildflowers bloom in the spring, and the honeybees take flight, the world feels abuzz with a sense of joyful cooperation. Like that delicate moment when you give someone your full loving attention, and they open like a flower, bees possess a similar devotion when gathering gifts from rapturous blossoms. With utter competence and delight, planting besos (kisses) on each flower, bees affectionately nurture and sustain a community. No wonder the bee’s ardent spirit aptly symbolizes our own desire to find genuine contribution and meaning.

Wear Bee Beso to honor your life’s purpose while celebrating the joys of being part of a community.


  1. oh you have so many great things in your shop. Lots of new things I haven't seen! your work is so beautiful and I love the fantastic descriptions you write for each piece. :)

  2. thanks so much for appreciating the descriptions! I've really been working to flesh out their stories.


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