Duchess of Alba

What would it be like to be a Spanish aristocrat? What would I wear for fun on a Gaudi day? Here's my latest jewelry themed Etsy Treasury called the Duchess of Alba, capturing sun drenched greens, ocean blues, and tangy oranges.

Be sure to check out the lovely Bela Brazilian Designs where real tropical flowers and butterfly wings are preserved in resin.


  1. Wow, Miss Lady!!! These are all so exquisite and fabulous!!!!! What a super talent you are!!

    I think something very Dr. Suess-ish would be fitting to wear on a Gaudi day.

    How magical would it be to see a Gaudi creation in person. I must go to Spain some day.

  2. I'd love to see a Gaudi in person. We just watched Vicky Christina Barcelona and now I'm itching to get on a plane. Fun to hear from you!


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