How to Care for Silver Jewelry

Julia, Beth Hemmila: aquamarine, fine and sterling silver

Prevent tarnishing and scratches by placing each individual piece of silver jewelry in a cloth pouch or an airtight, plastic bag. Store these bags in a cool, dry place, such as a jewelry box.

By wearing your jewelry, you will slow the oxidation process and keep your silver polished and shiny.

Remove silver jewelry before sleeping, swimming, and bathing. Avoid exposing your silver jewelry to household chemicals such as bleach or ammonia and beauty products such as hairspray, perfume, oils, make-up, and suntan lotion.

Always use a professional, non-abrasive, jewelry polishing cloth to remove tarnish. Gently rub the cloth against the metal. Silver is extremely pliable, so remember to proceed cautiously with chains, which could easily break if pulled too hard. Fine silver is more pure than sterling; therefore it is a softer metal, and should be handled with care.

Polish your jewelry after wearing it to remove oils, fingerprints and dust.

Do not use cleaning solutions or “dips” to remove tarnish for it may alter the patina, and cause permanent damage to the silver or gemstones .

What is the difference between sterling and fine silver?
Fine silver is more pure (no alloys) and is a more valuable precious metal. Most silver allergies are a result of the reaction to the alloy metals used in sterling silver.

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