Lilac Tree Memories

Thinking back to our old house with the lilac tree in the backyard, I created this fresh violet and green collection for Treasury West on Etsy. When lilacs would bloom, I remember fresh waves of heady fragrance tumbling over me when I'd make the transition from inside to outside existence. The beauty is that it disappears so quickly, and I had to make the conscious choice to be completely aware and present when it happened -- a don't blink or you'll miss it spring moment! Inspired by the color violet and the fresh leaves like my Tranquility necklace, here is a little lilac moment for you to inhale :)

Some other wonderful pretties to check out are Graceful Studio's print of delicate freesias and Jeff Campana's pared down ceramics ( I love his tag " Drawing Through Disassembly | Luxurious Utilitarian").

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