Orange Interlude

Get ready for some scrumptious orange tidbits that were hiding just beneath your feet. Their tininess takes my breath away, but I'm guessing nature must have understood that a small spark of orange will beckon your eye to come hither...

a future design for evening gown or purse?

overlooked originality among the rocks

the beginning of a new things to come...

the end of something wonderful

curls and petticoats ruffles

and just the smallest hint can create a precious moment in time...

wishing you many orange moments to come.


  1. Lovely! These are so inspiring! BTW, your orange week inspired me so much, that I ended up incorporating a bit of orange into my design this week. You can see it here - http://wakingbeautydesigns.blogspot.com/2009/03/orange-you-glad-to-see-me.html - if you want. :-)

  2. oh beth! so beautiful. I'm so ready for spring... it's a blizzard here.

  3. this is so refreshing and oh so chic! I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!!!! it's just beautiful and timeless!!!! How talented are you Beth????? OMG how fabulous. Every piece is better then the next. Thanks so much for taking the time to come and visit my blog. I know how busy you must be and it's so nice that you took time out to do something so sweet. I really appreciate it!

  4. Thanks for this cheery color on this dreary day!

  5. Thanks ladies for soaking up some more orange! Tamara, I hope you emerge out of your blizzard into spring.

    Vanessa, thanks so much for appreciating my style, I love being able to connect through beauty :)

    Elaine, I had to enjoy a departure from pink, but now I'm wondering if orange and pink should meet for lunch in a new design!

    Kristin, I loved your necklace with orange and just dig how we can bounce ideas around and draw from each others creativity. It's like being in a virtual studio together. Have a great weekend to everyone!

  6. Well, one of my favorite color combinations in high school was orange and pink! I was a teenage age fashionista in the 60's~~you wouldn't know it now~~and one of my favorite outfits was a pair of orange capris and a hot pink velour top with orange knit trim :~) Someday I'll tell you about my lime green outfit :~/

  7. oh I picturing that ensemble and it must have been smashing :)


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