Painting with Color

I love making Treasuries, and today I realized it's like creating a wonderful watercolor painting. There are so many colors to choose from, and the subtle nuances and layers of vibrancy remind me of painting with translucent light. So I hope you don't mind that I indulge my love of color once or twice a week on my blog.

Above is a Treasury I created last week called Windswept Sky & Blue Tears, it's no longer active, but I just dig the way the blues, aquas, and greys creating a soothing assemble. One of the most intriguing artists from this group is Poodle Breath the lovely artist who creates these mini sculptures with hands reaching out towards you. Anyone familiar with my past sculptures will remember all my plaster cast doll arms, so I am feeling a definite kinship with Poodle Breath's vision!

Here's a quirky Treasury called Branching Out that went live last night and the curator included my Sarah bracelet featuring a Tree of Life charm. I was always one of those girls that could be found climbing trees, and when I finally heard the Carly Simon song "Boys in the Trees" I knew I had found a kindred spirit that understood the power of a being one with a tree. Here's to the infectious joy of being like a monkey in a tree!

Boys in the Trees
Carly Simon

I'm home again in my old narrow bed
Where I grew tall and my feet hung over the end
The low beam room with the window looking out
On the soft summer garden
Where the boys grew in the trees

here I grew guilty
And no one was at fault
Frightened by the power in every innocent thought
And the silent understanding passing down
From daughter to daughter
Let the boys grow in the trees

Do you go to them or do you let them come to you
Do you stand in back afraid that you'll intrude
Deny yourself and hope someone will see
And live like a flower
While the boys grew in the trees

last night I slept in sheets the colour of fire
Tonight I lie alone again and curse my own desires
Sentenced first to burn and then to freeze
And watch by the window
Where the boys grew in the trees


  1. I would climb a tree up to a certain point that I was a chicken. My younger brother would climb trees all the way to the top. He was quite a monkey & escape artist when he was younger!!

    Funky Monkey Girl,

  2. Oh how wonderful, Jolene, I found another funky monkey! I definitely wasn't as daring as your brother either. I made it halfway like you and laze about on a limb :)

  3. Love your Windswept Sky treasury! I used to climb as high as I could in a tree but then I would get stuck lol. I remember my dad having to borrow the neighbor's truck one time and drive across three yards so he could pull under the tree I was stuck in and get me down LOL.

  4. That's a stitch that you had to be rescued by some men and a truck! You must have been quite a daredevil :)


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