Don't you just love the smallness of spring? Of all the seasons, spring grabs your hand and begs you to bend in a little closer to take a gander at its teeny, tiny wonders in a big way.

Professors use to be disappointed in me because I just wouldn't think big when it came to art. So I hid my secret desire to be a Thumbelina, escaping to the minuscule world of flowers and insects only to experience its resurrection at a later date...

Enter stage right the magical macro setting on your digital thing-a-ma-jig. Finally my pleasure is restored. Can't a girl desire closeness and intimacy with the natural world without having to build a gigantic sized sculpture?

If I can't wrap my hand or arms around it, then I feel disconnected. To experience the freedom of going into the infinite world of the minuscule is like going inside to your still point...perhaps only the size of a mustard seed but as vast as the universe.


  1. Oh how beautiful! While I had flower shoots a few days ago - Mother Nature threw us a curve ball here in the mid east. My pics are on my blog...Very different to your West coast blossoms.

  2. Dang, snow on little shoots...I'm running over to check your photos out!


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