Spring Robin: Songs of Happiness

silver spring red robin charm hint jewelrySpring Robin, Beth Hemmila (Hint Jewelry): fine silver robin charm

Signaling the arrival of spring in the Midwest, the sight of a red-breasted robin arouses creative energies and promises new growth. The bird’s red chest is a symbol of the vital life force tucked in our hearts, which allows us to unburden the past and become free to nurture ourselves and others. Robins remind us that even if life feels stagnant, a song of joy in your heart can move you forward into a place of renewal.

Wear Spring Robin to awaken songs of happiness in your heart.


  1. Yay for the robin! You know I love my birds Beth, woo hoooo. beautiful!

  2. I keep thinking about this tiny Robin every day. I find him irresistible. I'm glad you do too!

  3. beth, saw your entry for the abs which led me here and to your etsy shop. i am pretty much a silver freak and your charms are some of the most beautiful things i've ever seen! i'll have to save up for a purchase! wow


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