Wire Basketweave

First Steps, Beth Hemmila: carnelian and sterling silver wire

Aren't these delicious globes of carnelian the epitomy of juiciness? Coached by a lovely Portland jewelry designer, Laura Gadzik, I learned the first steps in wire basketweave during a class at Dava Bead. Like baby steps, I still cherish these earrings and wear them every chance I get because not only do I dig that spark of orange dangling in my tangle of hair, I remember the exhilaration of completing this project, and feeling like I had just been a part of magic. This radiant feeling always tips me off that I've been in the presence of a wonderful teacher.

Alaina, Laura Gadzik: flourite, freshwater pearls, hill tribe silver, and sterling silver

You can find Laura Gadzik's artistry at WanderLustre on Etsy where she draws inspiration from all her travels. Check out this amazing necklace romatically titled Alaina...tiny freshwater pearls accent the stunning ocean blue of a flourite stone. Her basketweave is flawless, and when you watch her do it in class she makes it look effortless. I can't tell you how giddy I feel when I wear my aquamarine and garnet necklace she designed. People are completely drawn in by the delicacy and simplicity of her work. Please take an opportunity to peruse her gracious jewelry, and if you need a pair of juicy carnelians to don during your own week of orange, you can find a expertly designed pair at Laura's shop.


  1. That's so pretty, love the earrings. It's soothing to do the wire weaving, you must have lots of patience! But such rewards ...

  2. Wow Beth, thank you so, so much for this beautiful article! I am absolutely touched!

    I hope you're enjoying the Portland sunshine,

  3. Lovely, both necklace and earings!!

  4. Thanks for sharing Laura's work! Her basketweave really is meticulous and the jewelry is lovely.

  5. Thank you all for visiting and enjoying Laura's work. I hope you found a piece to treasure :)

  6. awesome, i don't know if i have the patience for that. i'm off to check out laura's work.

  7. Laura is sweet, talented and an excellent instructor! It's nice to see her featured in a blog!

  8. Marbella, gosh I know the patience is really key to Laura's designs and you can feel that essence when you wear one of her gorgeous pieces.

    Elaine,so fun to be able to show gratitude towards Laura together. I'm so glad I found you while wandering on Flickr :)


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