Are you my mother?

Eva, Beth Hemmila: amethyst, garnet, peridot, fine and sterling silver

Lately I've been pondering our understanding of the word "mother"? When I went to the source, I found its roots in the Latin word "mater," opening up a whole new level of kinship with words like material and matter. Moreover, the Online Etymology Dictionary sites that "mother" is related to a verb that means "to take care of." Wow isn't that amazing?!! I love how this concept shakes things up, for like all prescribe Hallmark holidays, I seek to find expansion in a consumer focused celebration.

For though I admire and honor the organic process of giving birth to children and the incredible devotion it entails, I'm wondering if the modern mind is missing a bigger concept that ties all people together and is not defined by gender. Wouldn't it be the most glorious thing to know from a deeper level that being a mother is really understanding the needs of the world and being able to nourish them to your fullest potential? In this way, I feel like the possibilities are limitless. I begin to see every little moment of giving as the act of mothering...opening a door for an elderly person, farming for a community, offering someone directions, teaching a kid to read, feeding an animal, making coffee for coworkers, and listening to a friend on the bus. Every act of contributing to the well-being to another human, plant, or animal is a moment of being a mother in our world.

When I designed Eva I was thinking about one of the most famous mythological mothers -- Eve. This tiny hummingbird seemed to express both Eve's innocence and curiosity, which ultimately led to new adventures, where she left the realm of paradise and journeyed into a world that was shaped by her own actions. The idea of an action as a defining element for being a mother creates this immense space for everyone to come inside and find a place on Mother's Day: a foster child, a daughter grieving the death of a mother, a childless woman, a male caretaker, etc.

Now I see there are so many people to honor on this coming Mother's Day and maybe one of the most overlooked is that internal mother that rests inside yourself. The one that offers you unfailing internal reassurance, self-care, and joy. I hope you find some grace while appreciating your internal mother and the people who have influenced your mothering in the world.

I write this piece with much gratitude to all the men and women who through selfless acts of kindness mothered me and have taught me how to be a mother in this world.


  1. wow, what a great post, well written!

  2. Thanks so much for enjoying these musings!


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