Easter Bunnies

Juliet, Beth Hemmila: garnet, peridot,
amethyst, iolite, fine and sterling silver

Here at Hint Jewelry I've been getting ready for bunnies to burst onto the scene for the glorious month of April. I've designed a couple new milagro styled necklaces featuring my Rabbit Run charm and clusters of tiny, sparkling gemstones.

Violetta, Beth Hemmila: garnet, iolite,
pink tourmaline, fine and sterling silver

These necklaces feel both delicate and devotional, and each one suggests an underlying story...a memory from the past, a fleeting moment in time, or something special to come. The possibilities are endless, so I hope you decide where this story leads!


  1. Hello Etsy neighbor! You have some lovely work here (and there)-thanks for stopping by for Tea & Honey Bread. I've followed you, I don't want to miss my calling for a "Hint" of something special!

  2. Your blog title is too scrumptious to pass up...Tea & Honey Bread. Thanks for stopping by to check out the bunnies.

    Nice to see you la drogheria and many warm thanks for the kudos!

  3. Your blog is beautiful and your easter one is particularly gorgeous.

    Renee xoxo


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