Etch a Sketch Mind

Sometimes your mind goes blank...like shaking an etch-a-sketch so that you are left with nothing but the weight of emptiness. Maybe you're physically exhausted from a demanding job or intensive caretaking. Maybe you're so deliriously in love that you can't think straight!! Maybe you're experiencing deep sadness over a loss. Or maybe you've just become bored with life. Whatever the case, a blank mind can sometimes cause a small fit of anxiety: "Geez there's nothing there! Where did it all go? Will it ever come back?"

Perhaps the first impulse is to scramble and scurry like a tiny mouse, looking all over your brain for those great ideas that have somehow scattered to the far reaches of your memory. My favorite solution is to somehow ramp up the visual stimulation in hopes that my brain will be jump started.

This week my mind is a blank canvas, and I'm trying something new by accepting it as the fog bank it has become. Who knows maybe I'll get some extra sleep, find myself in some delightful dreams, and wake up with a whole new set of creative ideas waiting to unfold.

I hope you enjoy a little of your etch-a-sketch mind from time to time and find yourself reveling in the beauty of its nothingness!


  1. You are such a wonderful writer. I always enjoy reading your posts.
    Thanks for reminding me that it's ok to have a blank mind once in awhile. I will take it easy and enjoy.

  2. Oh, this is wonderful and coming at such a great time for both mom and myself.

    Thank you,

    Funky Monkey Girls,

  3. Thank you for enjoying this post...from one nothingness mind to another couple of lovely nothingness minds :)

  4. Merci for sharing your thoughts. Sometimes I wish I had that problem - a LACK of thoughts? Really? Peace and quiet? But that's not it. I get into ruts with creativity a lot. Thoughts and worries are no problem. Perhaps I can reframe my abundance of stressful thoughts and turn them into creativity.

  5. as always, beautifully written...
    here's my take on the etch-a-sketch - it is your mind taking a self-imposed time out... when things get to be too much, the mind can demand down time... and does!
    i have come to understand the ancient beliefs in the muses... you feel completely tapped out or blank, and then - inspiration (or even just the ability to put things or events in your life together in a mindful way)!
    when it comes to creativity, i have finally learned not to push... i plant the seed of an idea, it comes to fruition on its own growth timeline... some of my seeds have been your charms, they give me so much to think about!
    thanks again-

  6. Haha Kelly, I love how you are finding a way to channel all your thoughts!!

    Mary Jane, what a lovely way to frame this concept -- a self imposed time out! Like recess :) Love the way your spirit guides you!


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