Flip Side

logo on the backside of a Hint Jewelry charm

Over the last year, the logo on the back of my silver charms has been shall we say...evolving. Here is the latest glimpse of what you might see hiding on the flip side of a charm.

Why did I choose a flower for my logo? Sometimes I wish it was something more original or clever, but every time I go to change this image nothing else quite compares. I came up with the name for Hint Jewelry while thinking about traces of fragrance. Like that subtle breeze of flowering trees in the springtime, I wanted my company name to evoke the ways we use our senses to intimately connect. Have you ever walked into an empty room and became aware that some trace of a person or animal you love is lingering? To feel closeness through an ephemeral imprint such as fragrance utterly fascinates me. What about you?


  1. Scent is very powerful in evoking memory. This will seem strange, but when my son left for Iraq, I didn't do his laundry for months, just so I could pick up his shirt and get the memory of him.

  2. I agree Beth, sometimes just knowing is enough!
    You have a great concept and product!!

  3. I love the logo, I think it's perfect! I choose my shop name because I wanted to always think of the ocean. The soothing blues and greens, the sound; I love being by water.

  4. SummerStudio the memory of your son and his laundry is so haunting. Thank you for sharing. I knew an artist who uses lint from the dryer to make sculpture and this would capture the person's spirit from the clothes. She had a story of going home after someone had died and finding their clothes in the laundry and using that last bit of lint from them as a sculpture. I hope your son is well and safe!

    Hi Sharon, thanks for the thumbs up :)

    Marbella, I love the romance of your shop name and love how it describes the ocean. Are you a mermaid too?

  5. Beth, my son is recently returned and doing well. Thank you for asking. I like that idea of the lint sculpture. But then I love the idea of sacred objects and what could capture our essence more clearly than the clothing we wear.

    BTW, I love your logo. And I love the thought that went into your company name.

  6. I really like the new stamp on the back and myself love flowers. It is a good logo and simple is a good way to go. I like your explanation of the name too.

    I named mine Happy Day because I had a favorite summer dress once by that company called Fresh Produce and inside on the tag it said Happy Day! with an exclamation point and I thought that was just the best reminder to myself to stay with the practice of choosing happiness every day. So for me it was a mantra at first and now it is just me. I wore that dress until it started falling apart. HA!


  7. Beth, my son is recently returned and doing fairly well. BTW I like the simplicity of your logo and the thought you put into your company name.

  8. SummersStudio, so glad your son is home. That must be a huge relief :)

    Catherine, I just love the story behind your company name. I'm picturing you in this Fresh Produce dress falling apart and you reciting Happy Day! Haha, so cute. I wish I could push little Catherine in a swing right now wearing Fresh Produce!


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