Geisha Packaging

I'm a costuming nut and find myself drawn to the many layers of colors, patterns, and textures geisha achieve in their unique style of dress. These fantastical women remind me of brilliantly colored birds, where under each layer of feathers another surprise is waiting to take your breath away. I wanted to express Hint's "Wild West meets Far East" aesthetic in my gift packaging, so I tried design a piece that would communicate both American cowgirl and Japanese geisha.

The result was a deep, saddle-brown box that reminds me of a Morgan horse or an earthy cowgirl hat, wrapped with a layering of contrasting ribbons much like a geisha's obi (a kimono sash). Depending on my mood or the season, the ribbon on top will change color, but the deep burgundy ribbon remains constant. Included in the gift box is a mini business card from Moo with a picture of Hint Jewelry.


  1. Hi Beth,
    Love the packaging and the imagery of dark chocolate, merlot and a bubble bath, mmmm!


  2. How beautiful! What inspiration! Well done!!!!

  3. Oh, beautiful! I can not package nor wrap items that are as pretty as that:) I get attacked by the wrapping paper and it is NOT a pretty scene LOL

    I love all the colors in the kimono's as well.

    Funky Monkey Girl,

  4. I love this! It's beautiful, simple and clean. I'm also inspired by Asian design. I have wrapped gift packages up similar to what you have done here from time to time. I use plain boxes and wrap a wide strip of wrapping paper around and then thinner scrap strips around that in different colors and patterns. It's really fun, uses a lot less paper and utilizes scrap pieces from years past!

    BTW-I'm quite motivated to enter this month's ABS challenge - must* win* me* some* HINT!!!

  5. Thanks for giving my packaging a thumbs up!

    Erin, I look forward to seeing your ABS creations :)


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