Luna Love

A Mermaid's Best Friend, Ashli Farrar: turquoise, moonstone, and silver

Besides adoring the shop name Luna Love, I am really drawn to the sensitive work of jewelry designer Ashli Farrar. Named in honor of Luna the first orca adopted for Ashli by her mother, Farrar's Etsy shop showcases an intriguing mix of earthy hues, intricate arrangements, and celebration of metal. In her necklace A Mermaid's Best Friend, Ashli has featured a sea horse charm from Hint Jewelry along with a cascade of tiny wire-wrapped turquoise gemstones. I can almost hear the mermaids and sea horses frolicking under the ocean blue!

A Lovely Life, Ashli Farrar: glass, turquoise, and sterling silver

Another delectable find at Luna Love is this dazzling bracelet featuring an amazing Day of the Dead sugar skull created by Anne Choi and lampworked beads by Crazy Cat Glass. If you aren't already a big of Anne Choi, this is an artist not to be missed!

Thank you to Luna Love for introducing me to an new way of seeing a drop of ocean in every turquoise bead :)


  1. Ditto! Ashli puts the beauty of her heart into her work :)

  2. I am so touched that you featured me in your blog! Thank you so very much....and thank you for your sharing your wonderfully special creations which are such treasures to design with.

  3. I just love your work! I find your earings especially enchanting:)

  4. Gorgeous work! Thanks for introducing us to this artist!

  5. So glad you are enjoying Ashli's labors of love!


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