Spring Birds

Bracelet, Lorelei Eurto
polymer bead (Humblebeads), silver charm (Hint Jewelry), glass,
blue lace agate, silver, prehnite, Hill tribe silver

I found this little gem of a bracelet while browsing Lorelei Eurto's Etsy shop last weekend. First I was drawn in by the delicate array of soft pastel colors she chose, and then surprise...there's a little Hint Jewelry hummingbird charm right next to Heather Power's Dogwood Flower from Humblebeads. What fun to see how jewelry designers mix and match beads. Be sure to check out Lorelei's latest spring arrivals.

Heather Trudeau (Peacock Fairy): silver, copper, brass, and wood

Here's another jewelry designer from Etsy, Heather Trudeau of the Peacock Fairy, who used a Hint Jewelry pendant in one of her fabulous necklaces. I invite you to stop by her shop, for Heather has a unique way of mixing different metals and textures. In this piece she altered a store bought necklace so that layers of filigree frame each coin with the Hint Jewelry peacock pendant as the focal point. Each side of the necklace has a Vintaj brass piece and an etched copper component from Nancy Schindler at the Round Rabbit.


  1. Two beautiful designs! It's so fun to see what people do with your components, isn't it? :)

  2. *LoVE*
    I love the compositition of that peacock. it looks like it's nesting. :) xo

  3. Beautiful pieces! How great for you to see your charms used in these creative pieces.
    I love peacocks, we have wild peacocks here and I spotted one outside my kitchen window just this morning!

  4. Glad you like the post and love how you conjured up that idea of nesting Tamara!

    Marbella how lucky to have wild peacocks roaming around beneath your kitchen window. Glorious!

    I do dig seeing the many combinations people come up with Nancy :)

  5. These pieces are so so nice, very nice of you to promote their work and share the love!

  6. what lovely finds..isn't it wonderful seeing all of the different ways people combine materials?
    btw, i love your hummingbird beads.
    they're exquisite.

  7. Beth, you are the awesome. Thanks for showing off my bracelet. I'll have to do some shopping at your shop soon, for more charms. :)

  8. Sarah, gosh I know I keep going back to Lorelei's subtle colors and there is something very Monet about them.

    Jennifer thanks so much for loving up my hummingbird charms :)

    Lorelei, your infinite beading combinations always startle and amaze me so it was my pleasure!


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