Sun, Fun & Murals: Art Mortimer

Manhattan Beach Mural, Art Mortimer, acrylic, 2007

Are you looking for a virtual vacation? Perhaps a drive up the sunny coast of California where you can enjoy the glistening ocean and sparkling beaches? Well be sure to pull out your shades and a pour yourself a cool drink before checking out my article on Planet Pink n Green about the muralist Art Mortimer where you can enjoy a little slice of summer anytime.


  1. Sigh, makes me homesick~~I lived just a few miles south in Redondo Beach most of my life. What a clever idea to bring the view of the beautiful South Bay right to their door!

  2. great post, i'm totally a long beach girl at heart. some of the murals are there as you know. love his art!

  3. I've been homesick for SoCal, now after looking at this post. So good to connect through his murals with you both.


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